Social distancing woes


Here we are in the middle of a pandemic and my fellow citizens are so desperate to get back to what they see as normal they are endangering their own health – and, equally importantly, my own!

Granted there are some of these people that never seem to have heard even a whisper about COVID-19. They barge about in the streets – and the supermarkets – without displaying any concern for the common good. Social distancing is a complete anathema to them. They simply do not care.

Well I care. I care about myself and I care about everyone else. We have to lick this dreaded disease and, according to the experts, we will not do so unless and until a vaccine has been developed and made available to us all (a big proviso that one). In the meantime we have to follow the rules set for us with our best interests at heart.

Will someone please design a big sign for me to carry saying, “If you are not trying to kill me please keep 2 metres away at all times”?


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