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Where to wear wearable technology

Where to wear all that wonderful wearable technology

There are so many different kinds of wearable technology available to the health-conscious consumer today it is difficult to decide which activity tracker is best suited.
The Silver Life - Picking a cell phone

Picking a cell phone

Silver Surfers may need to consider acquisition of a cell phone in a different way from the general public.
The Silver Life - Technology: Where do i start?

Technology! Where do I start?

Do new technological breakthroughs scare you?
The Silver Life - Smartphones vs. digital cameras

Digital cameras vs. smartphones

Are digital cameras going the way of film and other obsolete technologies?
The Silver Life - texting acronyms and abbreviations

YNGBT but if you RBTL, you’ll KWIM*

Internet Chat Acronyms & SMS Shorthand - a new language you’ll have to learn.
The Silver Life - What to look for when choosing a smartphone

What to look for when choosing a smartphone

How do we go about choosing the right smartphone?
The Silver Life - Internet communication basics

Internet communication basics

Technology Tips for Harvesters: Basics of communication.
The Silver Life - Technology tips for Silver Surfers

Technology tips for Silver Surfers: Introduction

For those who wish we had a 14-year old on call.