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Do We Become Invisible As We Grow Older?

Do we become invisible as we grow older?

It seems as if people nowadays put a premium on their own time at the expense of those not as fortunate as themselves.
Getting past the gatekeeper

Getting past the gatekeeper

The executive EA's main function, it seems, is to protect that executive from contact with the outside world.
Be Nice to Each Other!

Be nice to each other!

Random acts of kindness - why don't we all join in?
My own social media

My own social media

This describes me to a T - What about you?
What is my name?

What’s my name?

"Are you alright at all?"


Let’s face it – we were all young whippersnappers once.
When Silver Surfers text

When Silver Surfers send a text message…

Yep - that's us.
Hell away from home

Hell away from home

or... The story of the doorless bathroom


We seem to be moving ever more rapidly into creating society members who seem to think that it is perfectly understandable that no one should fail, no one should be held responsible for their own self-inflicted shortcomings.
The perils of sandwich ordering

The perils of sandwich ordering

Your mental images of a turkey sandwich may not be what you receive on your plate every time.