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Happiness is a great night’s sleep

When it comes to living a healthful life, it is important to consider the fundamentals before investigating the secondary aspects of good health.
Fad Diets: Quick-fix or counter-productive?

Fad diets: Quick-fix or counter-productive?

In most cases they will deliver but there are many other mitigating factors and short term gains can often be not only unsustainable, but detrimental in the long term.
Why Sleep is Vital to Mental Wellness

Why sleep is vital to mental wellness

Healthy sleep habits are built one day at a time, and they begin the minute you open your eyes.

A heart throb dies

What is a DNR order and why do you need one?

Should I or shouldn’t I eat eggs?

In the last few decades, the abundance and range of food available has increased exponentially, and with it, discussion about what we should or...
the silver life - healthy living

What shall I do today?

We may simply have the ongoing joy of the first lick of the day from our faithful labrador to get us started.

Fighting weight gain over the winter – portion control

Avoid weight gain. Start by watching how much we eat at each sitting.
What about those new year's resolutions

Staying with those resolutions

Here it is, early in February and now is the time that it’s getting tough to keep the New Year’s resolutions we made to get healthier and lose the holiday weight we put on.
Are you getting enough sleep

Sleep is not overrated – are you getting enough?

If you are not getting enough sleep, maybe these tips will work for you.
Holiday Exercise

Restore your energy

When you feel yourself winding down, try a few or all of these simple exercises.