What about those new year's resolutions

Staying with those resolutions

Here it is, early in February and now is the time that it’s getting tough to keep the New Year’s resolutions we made to get healthier and lose the holiday weight we put on.
Are you getting enough sleep

Sleep is not overrated – are you getting enough?

If you are not getting enough sleep, maybe these tips will work for you.
Holiday Exercise

Restore your energy

When you feel yourself winding down, try a few or all of these simple exercises.
Preparing for surgery: Ask questions

Preparing for surgery: Ask questions

"There are no problems surgery couldn’t make worse" - consider your options before surgery.
Where to wear wearable technology

Where to wear all that wonderful wearable technology

There are so many different kinds of wearable technology available to the health-conscious consumer today it is difficult to decide which activity tracker is best suited.
The role of food in preventing memory loss

The role of food in preventing memory loss

Let’s look at what we know can produce results with simply refining our meals and snacks.
Weight loss: does getting older mean I'm doomed?

Weight loss: does getting older mean I’m doomed?

We are no longer able to regain “fighting trim” with just a little effort, so we need a new battle plan.
What about those flu shots

What about those flu shots?

Between 3,000 and 49,000 people in the US die each year of complications related to influenza.
The Silver Life - Memory Loss

Fighting memory loss

A few ideas that can help us stay ahead of the frustrating memory lapses.
The Silver Life - Fit for the year

Fit for the year

How many calories can you burn in an hour?