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Trump as a Christian

How much of a Christian is our President, really?

The Silly Season opens

Cooperation and compromise have become defined as “agree with me, or you are Satan personified”.


The "gotcha" question culture that sets out to embarrass anyone who is seen in opposition to the views of the questioner.


Forgiveness for public officials is a moving target, often depending on one’s own personal prejudices and how one or one’s party can use the offender to further their agenda.

Another reason to be amazed at our A+ President

President Trump has shown the way to revamp and streamline our entire legal system.

Confessions of a conservative

Once in office, officials seem to immediately act without regard to differing opinions.

Can it get any worse?

Just when I think that there can be no lower bottom, my President finds another way to lower the standard of decent behavior and...

You can’t make this stuff up

A new low, even for President Trump. His latest foray into self-aggrandizement and an ego run wild.
Trump - the government we deserve

Is it all Trump’s fault?

I wonder if we are getting in President Trump what we have created and deserve, for better or worse.
gun control


I am at a loss to understand how banning guns for law abiding citizens would increase safety and lower the violent crime rate.