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What happened to us being us?

We see our leadership engaging in selfishly pushing a narrow agenda for political gain. We have blame being hurled at any opposition without including facts.

Are we guilty of parental neglect?

There is a recurring theme of how sadly all too many younger adults are unprepared to encounter the trials, tribulations, and expectations of the world outside of academia.

Whose Ox is Being Gored?

Naively, I hope for a higher standard from our leaders...

Veterans’ Day

Exactly 101 years ago today at the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918 the War to End All Wars was over. 

Confessions of a conservative

Once in office, officials seem to immediately act without regard to differing opinions.
US graduates - graduations

The Graduate

We seem to have embraced a lifestyle that has given us unprecedented levels of opioid addiction, accelerating murder rates, runaway illegitimacy.
metoo, weinstein, cosby, social engineering

What are the side-effects of #metoo?

But how do we strike a balance between creating an atmosphere where everyone is safe and comfortable at work and creating a society in which there is little or no attention paid to merit first and instead hiring and promoting on a statistical model?
What can we do? Walt Kelly 1971

How to be a role model to our young people

If the enemy of a thriving civilization is deteriorating standards, it is up to us to not be an ally of that enemy.
Do We Become Invisible As We Grow Older?

Do we become invisible as we grow older?

It seems as if people nowadays put a premium on their own time at the expense of those not as fortunate as themselves.
Veterans Day 2017 USA

Veterans Day 2017

Whether drafted or enlisted, these men and women answered their nation’s call to serve and protect the land and its people they loved and wanted to preserve.