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The Vacation Home: Uniting or Dividing?

The vacation home: Uniting or dividing?

Everyone happily uses the home for family vacations and fun times for several years.  What to do if one sibling wants to sell the property.

A heart throb dies

What is a DNR order and why do you need one?
Top Online Dangers You Need to Be Aware Of

Top online dangers you need to be aware of

Cybercrime is on the rise. With our lives becoming increasingly connected online, we have become more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Be better than Bezos

What does the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, have in common with all of us? Simply said, he did not...

And in a flash, it’s gone

If you own cryptocurrency, or are thinking about investing in digital currency, you will need a technical access plan, meaning a way to ensure your successors can access your digital wealth for your Executor or Trustee.

To get started, just get started

It’s March, and the New Year has really started, so let’s look at the scorecard for resolutions. Oh the wonderful plans…losing weight, new organizational...

Boy scouting for Silver Lifers – Part 1

Don't leave your heirs in a mess.
YouTube the savior

Then, There is YouTube

YouTube has become my library to take me away.
Use 911 for emergencies in US

Who you gonna call?

So, let’s take things in order: We only use 911 here in the good old United States.
The Silver Life - Empty nest - how to find a new home

Fear of losing home to Medicaid contributed to elder abuse case

It is a common misconception that the state will immediately take a Medicaid recipient's home.