Veterans Day 2017 USA

Veterans Day 2017

Whether drafted or enlisted, these men and women answered their nation’s call to serve and protect the land and its people they loved and wanted to preserve.
Be Nice to Each Other!

Be nice to each other!

Random acts of kindness - why don't we all join in?
Modern interview techniques

Modern media’s use of fair and open interview techniques

Many of today’s over-confident and self-important interviewers are rude and arrogant, and often grossly overpaid.
Thoughts of a 21st Century Luddite

Thoughts of a 21st Century Luddite

Do Millennials understand that upon graduation from high school or university that getting and holding a job is expected of them, not presented to them because they take in oxygen and ingest food?
Protests in the 21st Century

Protests in the 21st Century

Are there people in our societies that intentionally practice hate and undertake provocative acts just to incite?
Trump Schoolyard Bully

School Yard Bully?

When Mr. Trump’s bluff is called, we will be the ones that will foot the monetary bill, and our children and grandchildren may be called upon to back his irrational actions with blood on battlefields yet undetermined.
Price creep

Price creep – when that “good deal” no longer is

It seems that the days of fixed prices for goods and services are long gone and we are now back in the days of haggling in the bazaar.
Hurricane Irma

When all lives matter

The often called "entitled" and "lazy" generation is actually gutsy and courageous.

The Cuban conundrum

The after-effects of Hurricane Irma and the road to recovery.
Can We Heal Our Divide?

Can we heal our divide?

Recent events in Charlottesville, VA and other cities across the United States are highlighting the ever-deepening divisions in this country.