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stresses of holiday travel
stresses of holiday travel

Name: Ian
Age: 60-79
Gender: Male
Children: Yes

Highest school level: High School diploma

Social background: Studied electronics, television, radio and electronic communication.

Career: Telecommunications, Radio, Television, database systems and computer support.
Retired as a Principal Technical Officer Grade 1.

Retirement plans: Already wholly retired.

Forced into retirement: Yes

Retirement preparation: Planned to travel nationally and internationally.

Describe typical day: Travelled and followed my hobbies. Help others to master some of my skills in a volunteer role.

Look forward to retirement: No

Expectations: To have purpose in my life and assist my extended family.

Hobbies: Yes! Pursued a hobby collecting and enjoying music.

Continue to work: No

Retraining: No! I just did cleaning and gardening until my pension was accessible.

What would you change about second career: No, as age was a factor.

Encounter ageism: Yes!

Did you relocate: No

Live near family: Yes

Advice for others: Keep learning, especially in the fields of your hobbies and interest. Don’t be forced into any activity you are not comfortable with and don’t feel forced into more than you can handle in retirement.

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