What’s my name?

What is my name?

Is it just me or do others get irritated when talking to a shop assistant or to a service provider on the telephone and I’m asked, “What was your name?”

My name has not changed since I walked into the shop or started the telephone conversation. In fact, ever since I got up this morning my name has been Ted Grumpy. Actually my name was Ted Grumpy all day yesterday and even the day before that but right now my name is Ted Grumpy.

Another irritant that is particularly prevalent in Australia is to be asked by a shop assistant, “Are you alright at all?” or “Are you right?”.

Now I may not be feeling 100% my perky best but, to one degree or another, I am certainly alright. Of course, my response of “Just looking, thanks!” means that the enquirer will disappear from view – perhaps on a semi-permanent basis – which is also highly annoying when I have decided to make my purchase and can’t find anyone to pay.

Three cheers for online shopping!

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