"Ageing cannot be avoided but it most certainly can be enjoyed."

20 (or so) Questions - Tell us your story

It is our experience that everyone has a different one when it comes to retirement. Is there a right or wrong way to approach retirement? How have others done it? How do I prepare and what do I do with myself after retirement? Should I even retire?

These are questions that may plague you throughout your working life and maybe even beyond retirement.

We hope to collect people’s stories and to post them here on our web site for the ever-growing Silver Life community.

Thank you for contributing.

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To retire or not to retire

39 or younger40-5960-7980 or older



Primary schoolSome High School but no diplomaHigh School diplomaSome College but no degreeCollege/University degreeNone of the above

Already wholly retiredAlready partially retiredPlan to wholly retirePlan to partially retireDo not plan to retire




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