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The Importance of the Sleep / Wake CycleThe Importance of the Sleep / Wake Cycle

COVID comes forward two steps and sometimes, but only sometimes, goes back just one step.  Why is this?  It’s as simple as the ABC of human behaviour.

A = Arrogance

B = Bloody-mindedness

C = Carelessness

D = Dumbness

E = Empty headed

F = Expletive deleted

G = Gone to visit my neighbour

H = Hopelessness

I = Idiocy

J = Just this once (I’ll break the rules)

K = Kamikaze

L = Laziness

M = Might get away with it

N = Not a care in the world

O = Oneself (the only important person in the world)

P = Personal considerations only

Q = Quackery

R = Rights (it’s in my rights to do whatever I want)

S = Self interest

T = Totally arrogant, stupid, and selfish

U = Ugly customer

V = Very stupid indeed

W = What can go wrong for me?  I’m immune

X = Xenophobic

Y = You don’t count

Z = Zen (will get me through all of this inconvenience)


You can see my point, I’m sure.  Maybe we’ll get out of this pandemic one day – but only when our fellow humans learn how to conduct themselves in these most dangerous times.

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About the Author: George Jackson

George is our Editor-in-Chief. He has been involved in many aspects of management and consultancy throughout his professional life. He is the embodiment of a typical "Silver Lifer" and continues to have significant meaning to those around him and society as a whole.George is a founding member of The Silver Life.

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