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How U.S. can win the Cold War with China

President Xi Jinping is out to undermine Western democracies and their economies, and impose the CCP’s values in a China-centric system of refurbished international institutions.

My concerns about the evangelical church and Trump

Why are so many Christians willing to excuse or even ignore the behavior of a man who has no regard for the truth?

Flawed models for police rules and unions are root cause of...

Too often, police have to respond to events that aren’t really police business.

How sad…

Trump just wasted a golden opportunity to try to unite his country.

Storm cloud on the horizon?

The upcoming election could make 2000 look simple and straightforward.

A house divided

How do we heal a division so deep that we embrace a course of action that says “rather than work for change from within, I’ll just vote against someone”?

Trump as a Christian

How much of a Christian is our President, really?

Another reason to be amazed at our A+ President

President Trump has shown the way to revamp and streamline our entire legal system.

Confessions of a conservative

Once in office, officials seem to immediately act without regard to differing opinions.

Can it get any worse?

Just when I think that there can be no lower bottom, my President finds another way to lower the standard of decent behavior and...