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Why Do Our Kids Want Us Dead?

Baby Boomers: The list of our sins is as long as anyone wants to make it. But the joy for the Millennials is that by 2030 they will inherit what is estimated to be $68 Trillion.

What I Want My Kids to Remember About Us

I want future generations to understand that we, too, faced challenges, made our mark, and we also wanted to leave a better world for our own children and grandchildren.

Happy now? How’s YOUR work/life balance?

The essence of hell is a perpetual holiday!

Your story – Dennis

I turned 72 this year, so I qualify for the demographic of Baby Boomer and I successfully survived the volatile 60s and 70s.

Your story – Jack

I am well past the official retirement age with absolutely no intention to retire.

Your story – Louise

How do you retire from your hobby?

Work is not a four-letter word

Is your retirement the "essence of hell"? Let’s try to find you a retirement job!

So, when are you going to retire?

How is it that when you ask a little kid a question, the honesty of the answer hits you in the face?