"Ageing cannot be avoided but it most certainly can be enjoyed."
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When sunshine is not free

Solar scavengers are selling you a bucketful of problems including long-term leases, liens on your homes, and equipment that came from a landfill.

What’s in your wallet?

Why must we carry everything we own in our wallet or purse? Is this the final resting place for all papers and cards?

Don’t be a sucker! Stay off the S*it List!

The power is in the repetition. If I see it over and over again, well then it must be true!

Senior fraud: Do we need more laws? Nope!

A client posed this thought-provoking question: Are the laws are strong enough to control elder fraud? Do we need more laws?

Sorry sir, your vase is “Ming bling”

How do we cull through the trash and find the treasures?

Financial frauds: Recognize and prevent them

Those born in the 30-50s are seen as target-rich environment.

“You’ve won a free vacation!”

Telemarketing tales to the unsuspecting. If it seems too good to be true...

Safeguarding your finances in the current financial climate

Our financial status: What do we have? How do we keep it?