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Be better than Bezos

What does the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, have in common with all of us? Simply said, he did not...

Holidays are not the time to talk about after-life arrangements

Remember when our parents, in their frustration said, “talking to you is like talking to a wall!?” Most of us laughed and thought nothing much of it.

Don’t expect your heirs to appreciate your collection

All too often I see or hear of estates that contain collections that baffle the beneficiaries and executors.

Preserving your estate

One would think after having my own brilliance so often disproved that I would have learned by now to listen to experts...

Would you like a beach or a mountain with that?

Choosing the right community for you.

Empty nest: How to find a new home

Make a decision based on your dream and reap the benefits.

Plan ahead and keep your loved ones happy

Petty differences and resentments can split siblings apart.