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How universities will reinvent themselves for the better

Most universities have lagged terribly at exploiting technology for instruction and been reluctant to outsource the standardized content such as in 101 courses.

The West has got to make China play by the rules

COVID-19 has left the U.S. and global economies in tough shape.

The Fed needs to deploy digital dollars to support recovery

COVID-19 has left the U.S. and global economies in tough shape.

Social distancing woes

Will someone please design a big sign for me to carry saying, "If you are not trying to kill me please keep 2 metres away at all times"?

Can we put social welfare above profit-making?

It’s not worth our while to open for just ten customers; it’s not economic to do so.

What happened to us being us?

We see our leadership engaging in selfishly pushing a narrow agenda for political gain. We have blame being hurled at any opposition without including facts.

Civility and social distancing

If ever there was a time that civility has become more relevant, surely that time is now during the Covid-19 crisis that is affecting the whole world.

Happy now? How’s YOUR work/life balance?

The essence of hell is a perpetual holiday!

Sometimes crises bring out the best in us, and sometimes not

How are we helping our small businesses and unemployed to survive at this time of crisis? Let's increase the House of Reps salary!

Boosting immunity more important than ever

Given the rapid spread of COVID-19 infection, it is prudent at this stage to address the topic of immunity and discuss the steps each...