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Visitors: Heaven or Hell?

If you've ever had an extended stay from family and were frantically keeping up appearances, you'll recognise some of these shenanigans!

“Come to Australia, you might accidentally get killed”

Australia is hurting, but tourists are cancelling travel plans due to perceived poor air quality and loss of natural beauty.

Trainee “Grey Nomads” heading for the ocean

Part 3 - We had missed the sound of the waves, the ozone-fresh air and the relative sophistication of the seaside towns.

Australian holiday parks – a Shangri-La for retirees?

Australian holiday parks have become locations where people live on a (semi-)permanent basis.

Trainee “Grey Nomads” continue their journey in Oz

Bob and Edith continue their travels through the land of Oz sampling some of the local goodies.

Trainee “Grey Nomads” head for the outback

Part 1 - With Bob Bell & Edith (two Brits travelling Oz by caravan).