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Old Dogs And New Tricks

Clearly, not everyone is open to change and it may be true to say that resistance to change increases with age. Having said that, I am prepared to wager that the proportion of people resistant to change is fast decreasing.

Visitors: Heaven or Hell?

If you've ever had an extended stay from family and were frantically keeping up appearances, you'll recognise some of these shenanigans!

Why Do Our Kids Want Us Dead?

Baby Boomers: The list of our sins is as long as anyone wants to make it. But the joy for the Millennials is that by 2030 they will inherit what is estimated to be $68 Trillion.

What I Want My Kids to Remember About Us

I want future generations to understand that we, too, faced challenges, made our mark, and we also wanted to leave a better world for our own children and grandchildren.

Who you gonna call?

So, let’s take things in order: We only use 911 here in the good old United States.


Let’s face it – we were all young whippersnappers once.

The aging parent

Caring for our parents is at the same time a privilege and an obligation that involves the sacrifice of privacy, time, and money.

Getting better all the time

All in all, this getting older is not all roses, but there are some pretty neat aspects of enjoying the Silver Life.

Tips for taking care of our ageing parents

How to recognize when your parents can no longer look after themselves.

Healthy longevity: We are meant to move and run

Aging is a biological fact. We don’t fully understand it, but we can manage it.