Questionable personal hygiene habits


We are living in strange times. The Corona/COVID-19 virus threatens our very way of life and the authorities are doing their best to keep us informed whilst preparing for the worst.

As a part of all this we, in Australia, are not yet asked to wear masks but we are asked to take a few simple precautions such as sneezing or coughing into a handkerchief (or into the crook of our arm) and to keep washing our hands very thoroughly.

What amazes me is that, even in times such as these, many people carry on as usual and continue their very questionable habits. I’ll give you a few examples of unfortunate behaviour that I have recently witnessed.

I enjoy walking and, a few days ago, I walked to a favourite café only to witness another customer put down on the floor a cup from his breakfast tray to give his dog a drink of water. Now his dog looked fine and healthy but isn’t this chancing your arm just a bit?

I don’t spend all my life in eateries but, in another restaurant, I saw someone drop the plastic top of a vinegar jug on the floor, pick it up, swill it around in their mouth for a few seconds, and then put it back on top of the jug! My stomach heaved.

Last but by no means least, I noticed one gentleman go into the men’s room, wash his hands on entry, use the facilities, and then walk straight out without washing his hands again.

Is this really how we want to behave – especially at times like this?


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