The Silver Life - Protecting against losing everything

Protecting against losing everything – Part III

Any email or phone attempt to obtain your personal finance information is in all likelihood a scam.
The Silver Life - Telemarketing tales

“You’ve won a free vacation!”

Telemarketing tales to the unsuspecting. If it seems too good to be true...
Data is Your Digital DNA

Data is your digital DNA

Preserving your digital footprint is rather like not making one at all.
The Silver Life - The greatest time machine yet invented

The greatest time machine yet invented

The greatest invention and it’s not a Dr. Who prop.
Bitcoin - What is cryptocurrency?

What the heck is cryptocurrency?

I am assuming that most of us, if not all, have heard about something called bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most visible and only one...

Cupid may not live on the internet

He's handsome, he's a businessman and interested in everything you like. He's also a conman.
YouTube the savior

Then, There is YouTube

YouTube has become my library to take me away.

Don’t beat that drum!

Why is it that sales people in the IT sector feel obliged to throw IT products around and/or beat out a drum rhythm on...

And in a flash, it’s gone

If you own cryptocurrency, or are thinking about investing in digital currency, you will need a technical access plan, meaning a way to ensure your successors can access your digital wealth for your Executor or Trustee.

To get started, just get started

It’s March, and the New Year has really started, so let’s look at the scorecard for resolutions. Oh the wonderful plans…losing weight, new organizational...