The Silver Life - Internet communication basics

Internet communication basics

Technology Tips for Harvesters: Basics of communication.
The Silver Life - What to look for when choosing a smartphone

What to look for when choosing a smartphone

How do we go about choosing the right smartphone?

Wonders will never cease, I hope

Well done, Apple, you have produced a true wonder that helps make my life better!

What’s in your wallet?

Why must we carry everything we own in our wallet or purse? Is this the final resting place for all papers and cards?
The Silver Life - Identity theft - what is it?

Identity theft: What is it?

When someone uses your personal ID information to commit fraud.

The secret to staying relevant with kids and grandkids

The big secret has now been revealed… If you want to stay relevant with the grandkids, and even your kids, learn to talk in their language – and that means texting.
The Silver Life - Telemarketing tales

“You’ve won a free vacation!”

Telemarketing tales to the unsuspecting. If it seems too good to be true...
The Silver Life - Picking a cell phone

Picking a cell phone

Silver Surfers may need to consider acquisition of a cell phone in a different way from the general public.
The Silver Life - Technology: Where do i start?

Technology! Where do I start?

Do new technological breakthroughs scare you?

Cupid may not live on the internet

He's handsome, he's a businessman and interested in everything you like. He's also a conman.