Wonders will never cease, I hope

Well done, Apple, you have produced a true wonder that helps make my life better!
The Silver Life - Picking a cell phone

Picking a cell phone

Silver Surfers may need to consider acquisition of a cell phone in a different way from the general public.
The Silver Life - The Silver Nerd

Protection for my computer

The Silver Nerd is one of us and is trying to stay current with the devices and software that is available and can make our lives so much easier and efficient.

Just ask the grandkids

What good is a smart phone if it can’t be smart when you need it to be?
Bitcoin - What is cryptocurrency?

What the heck is cryptocurrency?

I am assuming that most of us, if not all, have heard about something called bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most visible and only one...
The Silver Life - The greatest time machine yet invented

The greatest time machine yet invented

The greatest invention and it’s not a Dr. Who prop.

A scam for all seasons

It’s a sophisticated message that sounds official and the scammers know when we hear anything related to the IRS, we cringe.
Data is Your Digital DNA

Data is your digital DNA

Preserving your digital footprint is rather like not making one at all.
The Silver Life - texting acronyms and abbreviations

YNGBT but if you RBTL, you’ll KWIM*

Internet Chat Acronyms & SMS Shorthand - a new language you’ll have to learn.
The Silver Life - Smartphones vs. digital cameras

Digital cameras vs. smartphones

Are digital cameras going the way of film and other obsolete technologies?