iAnnoyed – An open letter to Apple

Can't find your iTunes Apps? This piece of the Apple has recently been kicked out.

What’s in your wallet?

Why must we carry everything we own in our wallet or purse? Is this the final resting place for all papers and cards?
The Silver Life - The Silver Nerd

Protection for my computer

The Silver Nerd is one of us and is trying to stay current with the devices and software that is available and can make our lives so much easier and efficient.
The Silver Life - Technology: Where do i start?

Technology! Where do I start?

Do new technological breakthroughs scare you?
The Silver Life - How exposed are you on a public wifi network?

How exposed are you on a public wifi network?

As of today I will never again log in to a public wifi network.
The Silver Life - Technology tips for Silver Surfers

Technology tips for Silver Surfers: Introduction

For those who wish we had a 14-year old on call.

The secret to staying relevant with kids and grandkids

The big secret has now been revealed… If you want to stay relevant with the grandkids, and even your kids, learn to talk in their language – and that means texting.
The Silver Life - texting acronyms and abbreviations

YNGBT but if you RBTL, you’ll KWIM*

Internet Chat Acronyms & SMS Shorthand - a new language you’ll have to learn.
The Silver Life - Picking a cell phone

Picking a cell phone

Silver Surfers may need to consider acquisition of a cell phone in a different way from the general public.

A scam for all seasons

It’s a sophisticated message that sounds official and the scammers know when we hear anything related to the IRS, we cringe.