The Silver Life - How do I protect my identity?

How do I protect my identity?

Thieves are lazy and impatient. Make it difficult for them.
The Silver Life - Smartphones vs. digital cameras

Digital cameras vs. smartphones

Are digital cameras going the way of film and other obsolete technologies?
The Silver Life - Protecting against losing everything

Protecting against losing everything – Part III

Any email or phone attempt to obtain your personal finance information is in all likelihood a scam.
The Silver Life - The Silver Nerd

Protection for my computer

The Silver Nerd is one of us and is trying to stay current with the devices and software that is available and can make our lives so much easier and efficient.
The Silver Life - Pokemon Go

Pokémon… who?

What is Pokémon Go and do I need it?
The Silver Life - Technology: Where do i start?

Technology! Where do I start?

Do new technological breakthroughs scare you?
The Silver Life - Telemarketing tales

“You’ve won a free vacation!”

Telemarketing tales to the unsuspecting. If it seems too good to be true...
The Silver Life - Picking a cell phone

Picking a cell phone

Silver Surfers may need to consider acquisition of a cell phone in a different way from the general public.
Where to wear wearable technology

Where to wear all that wonderful wearable technology

There are so many different kinds of wearable technology available to the health-conscious consumer today it is difficult to decide which activity tracker is best suited.
Data is Your Digital DNA

Data is your digital DNA

Preserving your digital footprint is rather like not making one at all.