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The "gotcha" question culture that sets out to embarrass anyone who is seen in opposition to the views of the questioner.

The Silly Season opens

Cooperation and compromise have become defined as “agree with me, or you are Satan personified”.
Trump - the government we deserve

Is it all Trump’s fault?

I wonder if we are getting in President Trump what we have created and deserve, for better or worse.

You can’t make this stuff up

A new low, even for President Trump. His latest foray into self-aggrandizement and an ego run wild.
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How sad…

Trump just wasted a golden opportunity to try to unite his country.

Confessions of a conservative

Once in office, officials seem to immediately act without regard to differing opinions.

Trump as a Christian

How much of a Christian is our President, really?

A house divided

How do we heal a division so deep that we embrace a course of action that says “rather than work for change from within, I’ll just vote against someone”?

Sometimes crises bring out the best in us, and sometimes not

How are we helping our small businesses and unemployed to survive at this time of crisis? Let's increase the House of Reps salary!

Storm cloud on the horizon?

The upcoming election could make 2000 look simple and straightforward.