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The Emperor’s new clothes

There is evidently no need to confuse the adoring crowds with the truth.
Photo: NBC News - AP; EPA

Sowing the wind

The United States has a new President and possibly the most divisive one since Abraham Lincoln at the outbreak of the Civil War.
Deplorable Me

Deplorable me

I used to think I was just a regular guy, but...
Think before you vote

Sorry America, you cannot change your mind now

What has happened to our values and morals when it comes to electing a Presidential candidate?

Trumped. What now?

Is this the best America can do to achieve a better America and a better world?
The Silver Life - Debates that divide us

Debates that divide us

How did we lose the desire to listen to those in opposition to us and respect their point of view?
The Silver Life - clinton vs trump

How did we get here?

Like a deadly avalanche the US political process seems out of control
The Silver Life - Brexit: Enter Johnson

Brexit: Enter Johnson

Can someone please explain why the winners of the EU referendum have all headed for the hills so soon after their victory?
The Silver Life - Presidential elections

Presidential election evolution into mediocracy

How would our founding fathers view the cumbersome, painful, and prohibitively expensive election process?
The Silver Life - Democracy

The curious system of representative democracy

It is September of 2015 and we are over 14 months away from election day in November of 2016.