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Hypocrisy redux

The recent spate of accusations of sexual misconduct by sitting members of congress may have taken even our elected officials to a new low for blatant hypocrisy.
Trump Schoolyard Bully

School yard bully?

When Mr. Trump’s bluff is called, we will be the ones that will foot the monetary bill, and our children and grandchildren may be called upon to back his irrational actions with blood on battlefields yet undetermined.
Can We Heal Our Divide?

Can we heal our divide?

Recent events in Charlottesville, VA and other cities across the United States are highlighting the ever-deepening divisions in this country.

The privileged class in Washington

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

The continuing soap opera of the Trump presidency

Could there be a deeply concealed strategy to all this confusion and lack of maturity as demonstrated by Mr. Trump?

Are there any signs of growth at Pennsylvania Avenue?

Sadly for America and the world, I must admit to skepticism that Mr. Trump is learning from his earlier political stumbles.

A rose by any other name

Everyone with an IQ above room temperature realizes that the day is long past when our legislators and judges will act statesman-like and not represent their own political and personal agenda.

Lessons from Bernie Sanders

How do we explain the phenomenon of a failed candidate, an ultra-liberal, non-party member being the only person who can generate excitement in the Democrat party and even the country as a whole?

Squelching dissent

I wonder if any member of that staff has the temerity to perhaps even hint to Mr. Trump that he may be overreaching himself, embarrassing himself, damaging his party, undermining his status and power, or all of the above.
Is this a presidency or a tragic comedy show?

Is this a presidency or a tragic comedy show?

We seem to flinchingly await the next day’s White House faux pas with the anticipation one has when one watches a slapstick comedy akin to The Three Stooges.