The Silver Life - So you've retired. Now what?

So you’ve retired. Now what?

You have now found yourself "retired, retrenched, passed over" or whatever the newest politically correct way of saying that you are no longer employed at your life’s chosen career.
Thoughts of a 21st Century Luddite

Thoughts of a 21st century luddite

Do Millennials understand that upon graduation from high school or university that getting and holding a job is expected of them, not presented to them because they take in oxygen and ingest food?
Courtesy Where Art Thou?

Courtesy where art thou?

Where did we lose this standard of behavior and interaction for our politicians and heads of state?
metoo, weinstein, cosby, social engineering

What are the side-effects of #metoo?

But how do we strike a balance between creating an atmosphere where everyone is safe and comfortable at work and creating a society in which there is little or no attention paid to merit first and instead hiring and promoting on a statistical model?
The Silver Life - Simple rules to the Silver Age

Simple rules to the Silver Life

What are the quick and simple things that we can do daily to enhance the entirety of our time?
The Silver Life - What is a life worth?

What is a life worth?

The rise of suicide that includes the intentional death of others has become all too common place.
What can we do? Walt Kelly 1971

How to be a role model to our young people

If the enemy of a thriving civilization is deteriorating standards, it is up to us to not be an ally of that enemy.
The Silver Life - Debates that divide us

Debates that divide us

How did we lose the desire to listen to those in opposition to us and respect their point of view?

Confessions of a conservative

Once in office, officials seem to immediately act without regard to differing opinions.
Do We Become Invisible As We Grow Older?

Do we become invisible as we grow older?

It seems as if people nowadays put a premium on their own time at the expense of those not as fortunate as themselves.