Attention span deficit

The Silver Life - Attention Deficit

Don’t you just hate it when people cannot come to the point and they ramble on and on getting further and further away from their intended topic?  You’ve asked them a simple question like, “Do you use iTunes?” and they end up telling you how they don’t use iTunes because they don’t wish to provide their credit card details when signing up because Alice, who works in the local pub, had said that her Great Aunt Mary was defrauded out of $15 on her credit card.

What Alice failed to point out, however, was that Great Aunt Mary was “defrauded” out of $15 because she failed to pay her last credit card bill in a timely fashion and was penalised accordingly.

Equally irritating these days are the times you ask someone three questions in the same email – even listing them 1 : 2 : 3 – and then receiving an answer to only one of the questions.

How is it that we have evolved (or, rather, regressed) into a society that finds it impossible to address matters squarely or concisely?  Is the smartphone partly to blame?

If the smartphone does bear some of the blame, how will life turn out for the next adult generation that seems to find it impossible to look up from their latest digital game when told, “Look out, your shirt’s on fire!”

But I guess they were winning…

Yours in irritation,

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