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  • Listen to your gut

Listen To Your Gut!

By |June 28, 2021|

There is now greater understanding of the connections between the gut, the brain, the endocrine system and immunity and greater emphasis on gut health. Why is it important to listen to your gut?

  • Tribalism

Can We Fix The Great Divide?

By |April 22, 2021|

Have we reached the point at which we no longer have the luxury of being able to sit down and share divergent thoughts with each other and grow from such an exchange?

It’s Called Technophobia

By |March 31, 2021|

I was about to enter a full day tax seminar and began to enter the code numbers for the link to the Zoom meeting. After waiting to be admitted, I found myself entering the wrong Zoom...

It’s Called Tired Blood

By |March 26, 2021|

During this long year, I think I suffered from tired blood. I was pooped after a long day; actually, I was pooped even after a short day. I was even pooped when I got up in the morning.

  • Gun Control - A Missed Opportunity?

Gun Control – A Missed Opportunity?

By |March 24, 2021|

I would be perfectly content to never have to have a weapon to safeguard my person, my house, or my loved ones. However, I have yet to hear a cogent argument that says that anyone bent on causing me harm will also give up all of his or her guns.

Is The Pandemic Really the Twilight Zone?

By |March 24, 2021|

Now there is nothing humorous about this “thing” called COVID, but I must say, that there have been times and places when strange and sometimes humorous situations have developed and crossed my path over these past several months.

My father wrote letters

By |March 20, 2021|

With a little time on my hands I began cleaning out some of my files, and “stuff” that never seemed to make it out in time for my garbage pickup….and then I found some treasures.

  • I'm bored with boredom

I’m bored of boredom

By |March 20, 2021|

Now that Covid-19 has been such a big part of our lives for just over a year, we have probably all experienced some degree of boredom as we have had to adjust our lifestyles to the rules of the day.

From Fat To Sugar And Back Again

By |March 13, 2021|

In 1980s, regardless of its source or structure, fat was the enemy and was the cause of the concerning rise in the incidence of heart disease, hypertension, stroke, heart attack and obesity.

How did we become so fat?

By |February 4, 2021|

As we enter 2021, the world faces an obesity epidemic, where excess body-fat is no longer a symbol of high socio-economic status, but is rather a symptom of automation, industrialisation and urbanisation.

Industrial Revolution Redux

By |February 4, 2021|

I think we may be experiencing the most revolutionary changes in business at large and our own lives that has occurred since the Industrial Revolution of the mid-19th century.

Old Dogs And New Tricks

By |December 16, 2020|

Clearly, not everyone is open to change and it may be true to say that resistance to change increases with age. Having said that, I am prepared to wager that the proportion of people resistant to change is fast decreasing.

Visitors: Heaven or Hell?

By |October 8, 2020|

If you've ever had an extended stay from family and were frantically keeping up appearances, you'll recognise some of these shenanigans!

Why Do Our Kids Want Us Dead?

By |October 6, 2020|

Baby Boomers: The list of our sins is as long as anyone wants to make it. But the joy for the Millennials is that by 2030 they will inherit what is estimated to be $68 Trillion.

What I Want My Kids to Remember About Us

By |September 30, 2020|

I want future generations to understand that we, too, faced challenges, made our mark, and we also wanted to leave a better world for our own children and grandchildren.

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