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Cooperation and compromise have become defined as “agree with me, or you are Satan personified”.
What does the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, have in common with all of us? Simply said, he did not properly prepare and think about estate planning. Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $134...
If you own cryptocurrency, or are thinking about investing in digital currency, you will need a technical access plan, meaning a way to ensure your successors can access your digital wealth for your Executor or Trustee.
It’s March, and the New Year has really started, so let’s look at the scorecard for resolutions. Oh the wonderful plans…losing weight, new organizational skills, relationships, nutritional regimens…where are they now? What happened to these new vistas, goals, aspirations...
Is your retirement the "essence of hell"? Let’s try to find you a retirement job!


The "gotcha" question culture that sets out to embarrass anyone who is seen in opposition to the views of the questioner.

Don’t beat that drum!

Why is it that sales people in the IT sector feel obliged to throw IT products around and/or beat out a drum rhythm on the packaging of these items? Far more often than not, these items are the result of...


Forgiveness for public officials is a moving target, often depending on one’s own personal prejudices and how one or one’s party can use the offender to further their agenda.
Don't leave your heirs in a mess.
President Trump has shown the way to revamp and streamline our entire legal system.