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You have now found yourself "retired, retrenched, passed over" or whatever the newest politically correct way of saying that you are no longer employed at your life’s chosen career.

Hypocrisy Redux

The recent spate of accusations of sexual misconduct by sitting members of congress may have taken even our elected officials to a new low for blatant hypocrisy.
If the enemy of a thriving civilization is deteriorating standards, it is up to us to not be an ally of that enemy.
It seems as if people nowadays put a premium on their own time at the expense of those not as fortunate as themselves.
Getting past the gatekeeper

Getting past the gatekeeper

The executive EA's main function, it seems, is to protect that executive from contact with the outside world.
Veterans Day 2017 USA

Veterans Day 2017

Whether drafted or enlisted, these men and women answered their nation’s call to serve and protect the land and its people they loved and wanted to preserve.
Data is Your Digital DNA

Data is your digital DNA

Preserving your digital footprint is rather like not making one at all.
Be Nice to Each Other!

Be nice to each other!

Random acts of kindness - why don't we all join in?
My own social media

My own social media

This describes me to a T - What about you?
What is my name?

What’s my name?

"Are you alright at all?"
Business owners need to be aware of financial exploitation, sexual and emotion abuse of the elderly.


The Silver Life - Internet communication basics

Internet communication basics

The Silver Life - Uber-joyed