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*image credit New York Times (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/02/us/politics/trump-bible-st-johns.html)

How sad…

Trump just wasted a golden opportunity to try to unite his country.
The upcoming election could make 2000 look simple and straightforward.
Will someone please design a big sign for me to carry saying, "If you are not trying to kill me please keep 2 metres away at all times"?
It’s not worth our while to open for just ten customers; it’s not economic to do so.
We see our leadership engaging in selfishly pushing a narrow agenda for political gain. We have blame being hurled at any opposition without including facts.
If ever there was a time that civility has become more relevant, surely that time is now during the Covid-19 crisis that is affecting the whole world.
The essence of hell is a perpetual holiday!
How are we helping our small businesses and unemployed to survive at this time of crisis? Let's increase the House of Reps salary!

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